Winifreda is a antagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and is a member of the German team. She is a metal Dag-Battler whose partner is Plu-Ton.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

She has light blonde medium long length and long length hair. She has two braided ponytails going down the left side of her. One of them is medium long length, which goes down the front of the left side of her body in a fairly loose braid. The other braid is long length, which goes down the back of the left side of her body and is very loosely braided together. The top of her hair is smooth besides for a thick braid that starts toward the front of the top of her head and curves down the left side of her hair by her ear, merging with both of her braided ponytails. This braid, on front of her head, sticks up a little and flattens as it goes down. Her hair covers her left ear completely. Her ponytails are thick and the ends are not braided, but become straight and wavy and are tied with white leather.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

She has a long sleeved white blouse with shoulders and all of her back exposed. She has a faded purple garment with brown straps/lacing over the blouse. The garment ends at her sides, so the straps/lacing goes around to her back over her skin. This garment has two straps starting from top of garment that go up and around her neck. She has a faded purple German skirt with German plaid designs around the bottom. She has a medium faded brown band around her left leg (Thigh). She has a light purple washrag/cloth hanging over her skirt in front. She has light purple medium length long socks. She has brown German boot high heels on.