Nagaharu is a protagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series. He is a water Dag-Battler whose partner is Gingi-Fightus.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Dark blue medium, shoulder length hair that comes down, has black and white jagged strips that jag out in various spots throughout his hair. When he gets mad his hair all turns black and white.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Has white long sleeved shirt. Has casual black pants with white unknown designs. Has light grey/blue long Chinese robe over top of shirt and some of pants. Can still see shirt a little bit. Sometimes can put hands inside sleeves. Has light grey sash around waist. Has white/tan high shoes that come to the shin. Has two light blue bracelets on each wrist. His sleeves have little pockets that hold his DaGeDar. Has a very bright, white band going around his neck.