Mitsuo is the main protagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and is the leader of the Crystal Collectors. He is a fire Dag-Battler whose partner is Fresh-Mon.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Black assortment of spikes on his head, with a spiky portion of medium length jagged hair coming down his back and flaring out. Also he has red streaks in his hair.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Has red and white long sleeved shirt. This shirt comes all the way down his arms and flows around his hands to create (red) gloves that are attached to the shirt. Has a mini short sleeved red jacket over that, that comes down to about his belly, but there are two flaps in the back of the jacket that go farther down to about his butt area and curl outward. This jacket is zipped/closed. The jacket comes up around the neck and flares out on both sides and in the back. The long-sleeved shirt/gloves have a gold pattern intertwined throughout, but the forearm areas have a completely gold design covering them. Has a white belt with two narrow red pods attached to the belt, one on each side of the belt, that can hold DaGeDar. Has red pants with gold trim and the same gold designs on his calf areas. Has white shoes with red outline. Has two metal wrist braces on his wrists. The back of his mini jacket has a curving/half-moon shape in white. Has a very thin red and white scarf around his neck. This scarf has too long areas that flow down to his knees both falling on the left side of his body. On the back of his pants (At the bottom of the back of his legs) he has two gold thrusters that allow him to push off the ground and jump, almost fly to great heights.