Jiang is a protagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series. He is a metal Dag-Battler whose partner is Scissor Kick Kid.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Black Medium long length hair. Has tall spikes on the top of his head and all the spikes converge to the middle-back of his head. One spike is longer than the rest and is in the middle of the spikes. It splits between the back two spikes goes down the back of his head to a little past his hairline. Has two thick sections/strands/strips of hair that come down from the back of his head (like long hair does) to below his shoulders on each side. When they get to his shoulders they split to the front and back of his body, giving him a thick section/strip/strand below his shoulders in front of his body and below his shoulders in the back of his body. The sections/strips/strands in the front of his body have Chinese embroidery emblems hanging from the tips. He has blonde streaks in his hair.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Has white long-sleeved shirt. Has an orange Chinese oriented vest over the shirt. This vest goes down to below his butt and has a Chinese dragon design circling the bottom. This vest has a hood in the back of it and a huge Chinese emblem on the back of the vest. There are two Chinese tassels on the vest that hang down from a carved out holding area on the tops of each shoulder. These spots can each hold a DaGeDar. Has an orange and white belt going across the left side of his waist at an angle with a Chinese dragon pattern on it. Has orange pants with white strips down each side. His shoes are white at the middle of the shoe to the heel and orange from the middle of the shoe to the toe. Has orange and white gloves that show his fingers. Each glove has a carved out round holding area to keep a DaGeDar at the top of glove (One on each hand). Has a Chinese dragon emblem necklace around his neck that his master gave him when he was little.