Gerhardina is a antagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and is the leader of the German team. She is a grass Dag-Battler whose partner is Tekta-Klon.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

She has dark blonde/brownish long length hair mostly going down her back, but has some in the front. She has a set of three locks of hair on each side, toward the front of her head. Each set weaves into a braid going around her head, then the braids meet and weave together going down her hair.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

She has a white blouse with shoulders and upper back exposed. Her belly is also exposed between where the blouse ends and the skirt begins. She has a faded blue garment with brown straps/lacing over the blouse. This garment has two straps starting from top of garment that go up and around her neck. She has a faded blue German skirt that is frizzled with German plaid designs around the bottom. She has a light blue washrag/cloth hanging over her skirt in front. She has light blue long length socks that reach up to her thighs. She has small faded pink bows on the tops of her socks. She has brown German high heels on.