Denholm is a character in the DaGeDar TV Series and is the assistant of the American team. He is a wind Dag-Battler whose partner is Von Tepis.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

He has brown medium short length hair in a pigtail tied with a blue band coming out of the back of his head. Has normal hair with a couple of spikes on the rest of his head. Sometimes it is let out into medium short length hair that hangs down a little. He has two longer spikes that come from each side of the front of his head and curve down by his eyes and past to the side. He has a black small sized tricorn hat with no trim.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

He has a blue shirt with a white waistcoat with red buttons. He has a blue overcoat lined/trimmed with tan and has white buttons running the length of it. He has tan breeches and white stockings. He has a smaller white jabot around his neck. He has black boots. He has a brown bag going diagonally across his body ending at the left side of his waist and gunpowder going diagonally across his body to the other side.