Chiharu is one of the main protagonists in the DaGeDar TV Series and a member of the Crystal Collectors. She is a grass Dag-Battler whose partner is Meiz.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Light pink long length hair with two dark pink thick strips on each side of hair coming down to the same length. Sometimes has a light blue flower in her hair.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Has dark pink really short/short mini skirt that flares out a little. Has a low white and light pink shirt that reveals breast and cuts off at breasts and upper back. Sometimes wears a light pink mini jacket to cover back exposure. Has a light pink bow tied around her waist facing the front of her body. Has white casual shoes with top of feet exposed. Has a blue necklace around her neck. Has knee high white socks. She has a digital/translucent eyepiece on her left eye that can measure how far something is away.