Adalheida is a antagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and is a member of the German team. She is a wind Dag-Battler whose partner is Mr. Massive.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

She has blonde medium long length hair put up into a bun with a thick braid (Maiden Milk Braid). Her thick braid goes from the front part of her head to the back on both sides and comes together into a bun (Non-braided). The bun is loose and hanging down a little. The bun is pinned with a pink clip. She has two wavy, thin parts of hair going down by her ears to her chin on each side of her head. The hair is coming from under the braids that are going to the back of her head.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

She has a faded orange garment with brown straps/lacing over her skin. Where the straps connect the garment, you can see her skin. She has her shoulders and a lot of her upper-mid back exposed. Her boobs are exposed a lot, because of just having the garment and straps. She has a faded orange German skirt with German plaid designs around the bottom. She has medium thick faded brown bands around both of her legs (Thighs). She has a light orange washrag/cloth hanging over her skirt in front. She has no socks. She has brown German flat shoe sandal high heels on.